Mar 16, 2014

Dragon Coffee and Scrap Metal Art

This place is on the Highway Between Nakhon Ratchasima and Bangkok in the area of Sung Noen District. We once made a stop for coffee and took a tour to see those metal statues, each of them is very outstanding and unique. Almost forgot to mention, the coffee is great too.

Khao Yai Tieng Hill & Suan Muang Porn Restaurant

We drove to Si Khiu District, around the area of Klong Pai Sub-District, turn left up to the top of Khao Yai Tieng Hill. We enjoyed the natural view on the top and the Windmill site.

After that we came down for lunch at Suan Muang Porn Restaurant. Most tables are outdoor, under shade, food is fine, very nice scenic view from the restaurant.

Mar 14, 2014

Krapee Chan, another beautiful tree in Bung Ta Lua Park

This beautiful purple blooming tree is in Bung Ta Lua Park. From my google search, this flower called "Krapee Chan" "กระพี้จั่น" Scientific name is Millettia brandisiana Kurz. Regardless of the sign front of the tree, this one is planted by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn  on 27 October 1999.

Mar 3, 2014

Lovely Bottle Brush Tree

I haven't seen Bottle Brush Tree anywhere else in Korat, probably I just never notice. I do the usual jogging one day and notice this lovely Bottle Brush Tree, standing alone in the little islet in the middle of the lake at Bung Ta Lua Park.

There's might be some or a lot of them somewhere else but I couldn't find them yet. 
Normally the outstanding flowering Trees always catch my eyes.

ดอกแปรงล้างขวดที่บุ่งตาหลัว โคราช