Aug 6, 2010

Wat Pra Narai in Korat downtown

Wat Pra Narai or Pra Narai Temple, the monastery houses a Khmer sandstone statue of Vishnu, the Hindu god. This statue is highly revered by locals and is considered the Provinces most sacred object (TAT). The Bot of the temple was built in the middle of a big pond surrounded only by water. In the Bot there is a Buddha image in Subduing Mara (evil) posture from the Ayutthaya period. The temple is located in Korat downtown on Prachak Road. The temple has 2 entrances, one on Prachak Road and another one on Chomphon Road. The area of Wat Pra Narai is shady. There's a lot of cars parking in the area while I was there and a lot of temple dogs :-)

The main Viharn of Wat Pra Narai