Dec 12, 2011

Gorgeous African Tulip at Bung Ta Lua Park

This is gorgeous flower !! "Kae Saad" (in Thai) or African Tulip Tree. It makes such a beautiful sight along the jogging trail in Bung Ta Lua Park.

Pink Flower at Bung Ta Lua Park

Some beautiful pink Bauhinia flower called "Chong Ko" in Thai (ชงโค) along the jogging trail in the area of Bung Ta Lua Park.

Lotus pond in Suranaree Military Camp

Some beautiful lotus flower in the morning light in the area of Suranaree Military Camp.

Dec 7, 2011

It's getting cold in Korat

In korat, the weather is normally cold in December and January.
It's getting cold now, well .. for tropical country this is cold already (for me) ...

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Tesco Lotus Korat Chonpratan

It's opened today (7 December 2011), Talad Tesco Lotus West Korat or Talad Tesco Lotus Korat Chonpratan, located on Suebsiri road, around 6km from Korat downtown.

Lighting candles on the King's Birthday (5 December 2011)

In our community we did gathering in the evening to pay respect to H.M. The King on the occassion of his 84th Birthday. We lighted candles and sang a song together to celebrate for The King.

Dec 5, 2011

Muang Ya 100 Years Market

Although the name of the market sounds like an old market but it just opened this year. "Muang Ya 100 Years market" is a night market, very busy in the evening. The market itself is quite new but some old houses in the market and the area which is very old called "Sawai Rieang", that makes the name of the market. I've tried many foods there, so many choices and quite delicious. The day I took these pictues I've just been there too early so it's still quiet. The market is located on Mukkramontri street, the parking area is behind the market.

the entrance on the back of the market

tables in the food zone front of the market

old wooden houses that used to be rented by US soldiers around 50years back

another northern food shop in Korat

the famous kanom cheen Pradok is here too

shopping zone

another place to drink and hang out..

a hundred year wooden tower

another conner to take picture

sign front of the market and old Mukkramontri street

Mae Cham Pa Restaurant

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who like Thai Food. All dishes we ordered were so excellent and the atmosphere was so nice in the evening, we love the table on the second floor in the wooden Thai house. Mae Cham Pa Restaurant is located on small street, around 30m off from Mittraprap Highway, opposite Save One night market.


Nong Prue - Tambon Pho Klang

Nong Prue - Tambon Pho Klang or Pho Klang Sub-District is located in Muang District. It's the area that I've never been to even it is so close to downtown. I was driving out from Chai Narong City Gate and here's the area scene after I keep driving for awhile. It gave me a suburb feel. I ended up driving pass through Surathampitak Military Camp.