May 22, 2012

View of Korat Town from the Top of Klang Plaza

Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital

Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital or Maharat II Hospital (former name) is located in Kok Kruat District on the main Highway, Mittraprap. Its around 20 km from Korat downtown. Some main buildings is still underconstruction. I suppose it will be another big public hospital in the west of Korat in the future. Here's a few pics. I took my mom there for her eye surgery.

pic taken from front of emergency at the old building. The tall new building in the distance is still under construction. the small two storeys in front is ward for eye patients. Its a bit inconvenient, the patients stay at that ward and when the time of surgenry they sent the hospital van to pick them up to the old building for surgery.

dressing room front of X Ray room

this cat was so relaxing front of X Ray room