May 24, 2011

View of Klang Dong area along Mittrapap Highway

Pictures of view along Mittrapap Highway, taken from the bus ride between Korat - Bangkok, in the area of Klang Dong Sub-District, Pak Chong District. You can see a little bit view of Klong Dong town and National Corn and Sorghum Research Center.

Pak Chong area along Mittrapap Highway

All pictures taken while I was on the bus along Mittrapap Highway, in the area of Pak Chong District.

May 6, 2011

Visakha Bucha 2011 at the Mall Korat

Visakha Bucha Day, the anniversary of the Buddha's Birth, Enlightenment and Death, a religious holidays which falls on the 15th day of the waxing moon in the 6th lunar month. This year it falls on the 17th of May. In Korat, many people take part in the Visakha Bucha Festival at MCC Hall, the Mall Korat, to pay homage to the Buddha relic and "vien tien" walk three times clockwise round the relic chamber, and do some others Buddhist activities. The event will be held here throughout the month of May.