Feb 1, 2010

Phu Hin Suay Resort

Another nice resort in Pak Chong. This place is around 10 min drive from Khao Yai National Park. The resort is located in small street off from Thanarat Rd at 4 km marker. The area was peaceful, very relaxing atmosphere, nice garden and surrounded with mountain view. The room was nice and clean. Food (Thai) was great. They have several room types and room rate is from around 1,200 B to 1,800 B and 4,000B to 5,000 B for a house.

Call Bangkok Office : 02 208 9107-8 and Khao Yai Office : 044 365 347

ภูหินสวยรีสอร์ท http://www.phuhinsuay.com/index.html

More Gallery of resort at http://www.phuhinsuay.com/main_th_gall_1.htm