Dec 19, 2010

Loi Krathong Festival 2010 in Korat

In the full moon night of November every year, the famous Loi Krathong Festival be held in many places, mostly the places nearby the river / canal. This year I enjoyed the Loi Krathong Festival at Bung Ta Lua Water Park. All over the place was decorated with lights. There's some big Krathong in the water. I put coins in Krathong, light the candle and make a wish before float Krathong away. Krathong, usually we made it from banana leaf and fresh flowers. The candles and incense sticks are also placed in the Krathong. To float Krathong, we believe to offerings to the mother of waters for appeasement, also believe it can castaway our grief and misery.

There's also beauty contest.

some styles of Krathong to choose

average price of krathong is 20-40 Baht each

big Krathong in the water

night market

Krathong contest