Dec 5, 2011

Muang Ya 100 Years Market

Although the name of the market sounds like an old market but it just opened this year. "Muang Ya 100 Years market" is a night market, very busy in the evening. The market itself is quite new but some old houses in the market and the area which is very old called "Sawai Rieang", that makes the name of the market. I've tried many foods there, so many choices and quite delicious. The day I took these pictues I've just been there too early so it's still quiet. The market is located on Mukkramontri street, the parking area is behind the market.

the entrance on the back of the market

tables in the food zone front of the market

old wooden houses that used to be rented by US soldiers around 50years back

another northern food shop in Korat

the famous kanom cheen Pradok is here too

shopping zone

another place to drink and hang out..

a hundred year wooden tower

another conner to take picture

sign front of the market and old Mukkramontri street