Oct 2, 2009

A day trip to Pa Hin Ngam National Park

We had a day trip to Pa Hin Ngam National Park in Chaiyaphum Province. We drove around 2 hours from Korat downtown to the National Park with some stops along the way. Take the Highway 205 pass through Non Thai district, Pra Thongkum district to Chaiyaphum Province.

Pa Hin Ngam National Park is one of the most famous National Park of Chaiyaphum Province in the Northeast of Thailand. As Chaiyaphum is located at the west border of the Northeast Region. The view at the edge of the National Park, also the border of the Region. It is Sud Phan Din Cliff, the steep cliff at the 846 m high and down the cliff is Sub-Lang-Ka forest in Central Region. It's a famous viewpoint in Pa HinNgam National Park.

 Many people visit Chaiyaphum in rainy season (Jun-August) as there're beautiful flower fields in the National Park. (Siamese Tulip fields).

 "Siamese Tulip" called in Thai name as "Dok Kra Jeaw" .

Another interesting place is Lan Hin Ngam or Hin Ngam Area. Hin which means rock and Ngam means beautiful. You can guess what you will see in the area. There're many strange shape rocks scattered in the area.