Jan 8, 2010

Kindergarten in Children's day 2010 in Korat

Children's Day in Thailand was held for the first time on the first Monday of October since 1955, untill 1963 it was changed to the second Saturday of January every year. Normally many schools / kindergartens will organise the celebration at their places one day before (on Friday) then on the (real) Children's Day (on Saturday), Parents can take their children to other places that organise the celebration for the children. In Korat there are many interesting places such as in the Army, Wing 1 Airforce base, Korat Zoo, Lan Yamo and Thao Suranaree Park in downtown.

These are photos taken from one Kindergarten in Korat City in the day before the Children's Day 2010. In the beginning they prepared to organise the celebration outdoor, in the garden but sadly .. it's become a raining day. So they organised the celebration inside the building, still children and parents have a lot of fun together ...