Sep 12, 2009

Jim Thompson Farm

Jim Thompson Farm is located in Pak Thong Chai district, around 30-40 Kms from Korat city. The farm open for visitor only few weeks each year in cold season.

All these photos were from our visit in December 2008. The weather was so nice. It is a great place for family spending a day out in a farm, gain knowledge and had a lot of fun. The farm cover the area of 600 rai in a model of advanced agricultural technology and traditional cottage industry.

Many interesting zones ; Large area planted in a great variety of delicious fruits as well as a super-hygienic hydroponic vegetable production, and grow many different varieties of pumpkin, squash and gourd. The farm and plantation surrounded on one side by a large reservoir, on the other looms a dramatic high hill covered with impenetrable thickets of bamboo. The plantation is mainly planted in mulberry whose green leaves fatten the insatiable silkworms in their spectacular growth period from tiny egg to golden cocoon in just a few weeks.

Many fun and educational activities ;

•Take a hayride to Mushroom Farm, Hydroponics Vegetable Growing and interact with many shapes and
sizes of pumpkins.
•Harvest the fruits and vegetables yourself directly from orchards and gardens
•Photograph the fields of giant pumpkins and sunflowers in full bloom
•Learn the life cycle of the Thai silkworms from tiny eggs to fat cocoons
•Enjoy the traditional silk cocoon reeling.
•The kids play, relax and enjoy the farm atmosphere.

The Jim Thompson Farm
555 Mu 1 Tambon Takob, Amphoe PakThongChai
Nakhon Ratchasima (KORAT) 30150

Telephone : 0-4437-3116 / 7 Extension: 60
Fax : 0-4437-3116 /7 Extension: 64