Sep 4, 2009

Lan flower in Full Bloom

Aug-Sep 2009

Tab Lan National Park , Wang Nam Khiao District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

Lan flower in Full Bloom during Aug-Sep 2009.

"Lan flower" or "Dok Lan" (in Thai) in Tab Lan National Park is in full bloom this year during Aug to Sep, 2009.

Lan Tree bloom only once in 60 years and die in a short-time after blooming. This year 2009 the Lan flower is in full bloom all over the wide area of the National Park, the most beautiful in 60 years. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) promote this period to be the best time for visitors to admire the beauty of them. The panoramic view can be seen at Geb Tawan Cliff (Pha Gep Tawan).

Tab Lan National Park is located in Wang Nam Khiao district, along the Highway no. 304, around 80 kms away from Korat City.

Photos by thai forest herbs