Nov 26, 2009

Kieng Beung Restaurant

Although the restaurant located rather far from central of Korat City, in the area of Korat Zoo but I seem to drive there for lunch or dinner often. I love view of the lake and the opposite side is a small resort. Also Thai dishes I ever experience there were so good. I find he restaurant sometimes is full, particularly on the weekend.

Directions : From Korat downtown, take Highway No. 304, do a turn left to Highway No. 2310 for 1 km, turn left enter front gate of Korat Zoo then drive a bit more, you will see the restaurant and the lake.

อาหารอร่อย บรรยากาศดี ๆ ริมบึง ตั้งอยู่ในบริเวณสวนสัตว์นครราชสีมา