Aug 17, 2009

Khon Buri Sanctuary in Khon Buri District

Khon Buri is a district in southern part of Nakhon Ratchasima Province, 58 kms from Korat City. Khon Buri in Thai language means the origin of the river, which refers to one of tributaries of the Mun river passing through. In the past it was called Ban Khon Buri. When the town grew, it was changed to be Mueang Khon and Khon Buri finally.

In 1907, this area was a sub-district (King Amphoe) of Chok Chai district. It was called King Amphoe Chae because the city center was in Tambon Chae. As Tambon Khon Buri was very far from the center of Pak Thong Chai district, the government made it to be administrated together with the sub-district Chae in 1939. At the same time, it was officially upgraded to a full district and renamed to Khon Buri.

Khonburi Sanctuary / Prang Khon Buri
Prang Khon Buri located in Ban Khon Buri, Khon Buri Sub-District, Khon Buri District. In the area of Ban Khon Buri School. Traveling from Korat city, take highway 244 pass Chok Chai district, turn right into the road no.2071 for 20 km, and look for a school in the area.