Aug 10, 2009

Visakha Bucha Festival 2009 in Korat

Visakha Bucha Day, the anniversary of the Buddha's Birth, Enlightenment and Death. This year (2009) fall on the 8th of May. In Korat City, one major place of Visakha Bucha Festival was organized at MCC Hall, The Mall Korat throughout the month of May. Many people went there to pay homage to the Buddha relic and "vien tien" walk three times clockwise round the relic chamber and do some others Buddhist activities. Most pictures show the atmosphere in general, people make a wish and some people wrote their wish or good things they've done on the golden Bhothi leaf and hang it on the golden Bhothi tree.

งานวันวิสาขบูชา 2552 ที่โคราช