Aug 10, 2009

Korat Lullaby

The Study of Korat Lullaby

The objective of the study is to collect various types of Korat lullaby.

This study aims to analyze the melody and composition of Korat lullaby in relation to the social culture.

This research is a study in ethnomusicology using a qualitative research methodology. The information was obtained and gathered from field work including interviews , observations , and related documents.

The result of the research found that there are 3 melodies in Korat lullaby ; Korat lullaby , Pleng Korat (Korat song) and E-sarn Nua (Upper Northeastern) lullaby.They are basically simple tunes. Their meaning relates to agricultural society. The way of life depends upon the local environment and Korat lullabies were an offering in the struggle to survive.

In addition , Korat lullabies also relate to the belief in value and custom. Moreover , the nutritional culture also relates to the local environment.

Korat lullabies have changed from creating love , strong family relationships and cultivating good behavior , to being used for educational purpose and only to be preserved.

Absolutely , the Korat lullaby will be lost from Thai society if no measure is done to preserve them.