Aug 29, 2009

Historical Site in Sung Noen District

Sung Noen is only 35 kms from Korat City. It's worth a day trip from Korat City even you are not into history, go and get some fresh air and enjoy nice country-side.

Sung Noen is a hidden place, there is some small historical sites influenced by Khmer culture, scattered throughout the district, particularly in Tumbon Sema and Tumbon Korat.

We have been first to Tumbon Sema, the historical sites are in the area of Wat Thammachak Semaram Temple. IT's about 4 kms from central of Sung Noen.

Wat Thammachak Semaram Temple

Nearby the temple, we went into the House of The Large Reclining Sandstone Buddha image. Picture above shows the entrance.

Within the area of The Large Reclining Sandstone Buddha image

The Large Reclining Sandstone Buddha image

The Large Reclining Sandstone Buddha image or local call Phra Non, it’s the most ancient and largest a Reclining Buddha image that made from red sand stone.

The image was built around 1200 B.E. The length of the Buddha is approximately 13.30 metres. The image is located in Thammachak Semaram Temple, part of Muang Sema Historical Site.

Sandstone bai-sema (leaf-shaped stones), pieces of ancient sema stones (that mark the sacred area of a Buddhist temple)

The pavilion of Sema Thammachak
Sema Thammachak
Within the area, there are more various other evidences of archaeology such as bronze Buddha images, Buddha terracotta printing images, glass beads and inscribing stone.
After visit Tumbon Sema, we drove to Tumbon Korat(or Korat sub-district) where's not far.
There are some more small historical sites were built in the same period of Sema.
1) Prasat Muang Kaak
2) Prasat Muang Kao
3) Prasat Non-gu

Prasat Muang Kaak
Prasat Muang Kaak
Prasat Muang Kaak
Prasat Non-gu
This was a small traffice circle in Tumbon Korat.